International Transport

Vienna airport is probably the best choice to reach the meeting site.

Buses between Vienna airport and Bratislava airport

If you need to go by bus to Brastislava airport from Vienna airport please read this document.


Useful general rules for using the Bratislava Municipal Transport (MHD)

1) As soon as your route has one or more bus change nodes or takes more than 15 minutes, you would need a 0,90 EUR ticket.
2) You have to buy the ticket before you enter the bus. If you have coins, the most convenient way is to use so called automats (yellow boxes at the bus stops). Immediately after entering the bus, insert the ticket into the marker. After the bus change, you must not mark the ticket again!
3) On Saturdays and Sundays, the validity period of a 0,90 EUR ticket is 90 minutes. Thus, if you find out that you have chosen a wrong direction or wrong bus, do not panic and take the full advantage of those 90 minutes to get back on the track.

Buses between Bratislava and Smolenice

They are provided by the conveners for free.

Then the bus will stop at the airport around 10AM. The bus will go directly to Smolenice castle. Bus from Smolenice to Bratislava will leave after lunch on November 7.
If our bus schedule is not convenient to you, please take a public bus (to your expense). Download departures:

Travel from Vienna to Smolenice

Download guide here

Travel from Bratislava to Smolenice

Download guide here

Smolenice castle

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Virtual Tour Smolenice Castle

Useful link : Congres Centre Smolenice SAS