Characterizing properties of atmospheric aerosols is a multidisciplinary topic. Researchers include environmental scientists of all disciplines, together with theoretical physicists interested in scattering properties of irregularly shaped particles. Great progress in light-scattering theory discerned in the last several years makes it possible to treat arbitrarily shaped particles with anisotropic optical properties and inclusions. Optical methods appear to be a desirable technology for detection, primarily because such technology is rapid, the components are inexpensive, and the techniques can be automated, requiring no chemical reagents. Such methods are based on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic interaction with small particles, i.e., measurement and analysis of the scattered light. The meeting aim is to bring together the experts working in different fields of science to discuss the current state of the art and to formulate new research directions. The conference aim is to facilitate a more intensive development in these topics:

1. Aerosol Composition
2. Instrumentation
3. Aerosol Optical Modeling
4. Remote sensing

The workshop will take place at the Castle Smolenice, Slovakia. Because of its remote location, attendees will meet in Bratislava prior to the conference, taking advantage of its accessibility, especially to Partner participants. Attendees will be transferred by bus to Castle Smolenice, Slovakia, where they will remain until the final day. The Castle Smolenice has superb conference facilities at a greatly reduced cost. The restricted location also will ensure that attendees can devote their full attention to the task on hand. The last day of the conference, participants will return by bus to Bratislava.